We are creative visual storytellers.

We are passionate about hand sketching and we are proud that every image we produce carries that same passion and energy to better sell a project or an idea. Hand drawing is the oldest and most authentic communication tool in the world and we embrace it, and although we resort to newer techniques and technology, our images are authentic with a sense of place, meaning and wonder.

Our experience comes from an architecture background and over 5 years non-stop sketching professionally for a multitude of architectural companies and corporations and by leading the way in Urban Sketching, both within the organization and in education

What we do

P3DROS is a multi-disciplinary design studio specialized in visualization for architecture, interior design and urban design / masterplans. We produce comprehensive and expressive hand drawn sketches of future environments, acting as a communication tool between professionals and clients for a cohesive storytelling.

Meet Our Team

Pedro Alves

"After receiving his degree in Master planing from Faculdade de Arquitectura-UTL in Lisbon, Portugal, Pedro started working as an architect in 2008. In 2010, along with 3 university colleagues he become associate of the INZU Concepts studio in Lisbon where ha was involved in masterplaning and sports oriented projects for Luanda, Angola, where besides architectural design , he also provided hand drawn sketches for the presentations. In 2015 he started working solely as an architecture illustrator for Broadway Malyan, developing furthermore his sketching skills and composition techniques, providing architectural renderings to every company studios all around the world."

Pedro Loureiro

"Graduated in Architecture from ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon, Portugal in 2006. He started a career as an intern in the architecture office Roth Projectos, becoming partner and co-owner 5 years later. He was involved in all designs run in the office, especially in the education sector and historical building refurbishment. In 2010, Pedro finished a Post-Grad degree in Design and Business Strategy in ISEG, Lisbon, and in 2016 became an architecture illustrator at Broadway Malyan, providing all kinds of illustrations to the many sectors the company operates in. Besides that, he also works in illustrated reportage and regularly teaches sketching in short workshops around Europe."

Pedro Lopes

"Starting out as an environment concept artist and mood artist in the world of video games and movies since 2010, Pedro Lopes quickly began to expand his horizon when he met the other two Pedro as a sketcher architect illustrator. Having a pool of knowledge from his previous works and personnel projects, helped Pedro become adapted very quickly to the world of architecture and thus, specializing as an illustrator sketcher that brings rich and detailed concepts to his client’s visions."